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Founded by Momina Watton, Atelier278 is the result of a personal quest to find beautiful, timeless, and meaningful pieces for the home. Specialising in natural stone, Atelier278 embodies a modern approach to design, materiality, and craftsmanship to create tailored interior pieces to be treasured.  In addition to our best-selling Made to Order collection, Atelier278 offers a small capsule collection of handcrafted onyx accessories and original pre-loved pieces.




Each piece is handcrafted using only pure Travertine and Marble by British stonemasons keeping traditional craft of stonemasonry alive.


Opposed to the throw-away culture of today, Atelier278 has a mindful approach to consumption within the design industry with a focus to continue to develop sustainably as we grow.


Taking inspiration from classical architecture and mid-century design, each Atelier278 piece is made to order to your exact specifications with the belief that spending a little more on a quality piece that not only suits your needs, space and environment but is also a reflection of your unique style is the most economical and sustainable way to consume.




Each Atelier278 piece is made by hand in the UK using traditional techniques alongside modern technology. We pride ourselves on meticulously undertaking every stage of the production process - from the selection of raw materials, to polishing, finishing and assembly. We are also able to create bespoke designs or tailored special editions of our products to suit specific project needs.


Handcrafted using only the finest Marble and Travertine sourced from quarries in the mountains of Italy and Spain, alongside a limited collection of solid based pieces which are crafted in Turkey using local stone, each piece is destined to be a future heirloom.

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