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Travertine and Marble are natural stones and therefore porous. They should not be exposed to acids such as (but not limited to) vinegar, lemon juice or wine. Acid marks are irreversible. If any of these substances do make contact with your table, blot and wipe away immediately to minimise damage.

Whilst our tables are sealed, prolonged exposure to water, oils (including candle wax) or foods and drinks that can stain such as coffee, beetroot and so on should be avoided. Please use placemats and coasters to protect your table.

Avoid using coarse cleaning materials and acidic or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the surface. Wipe the surface with a soft damp cloth, using warm water or acid free, alkaline cleaning materials, then ensure you wipe dry.

Please note, Atelier278 will not be liable for any damaged caused by mishandling this stone.


In our eyes, the beauty of natural stone is that it is a living piece that is ever evolving. The first mark is always difficult, but over time you will come to love these character marks that tell a story of good times enjoyed.

Atelier278 Made To Order Materials L-R Unfilled Travertine - Matte Travertine - Polished T
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